Many people who have been arrested and charged with a crime are scared, confused, and have no idea what their next step should be. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale by your side through the legal process can make or break your case. Criminal defense and civil litigation attorney Mark S. Lowry, Esq. has years of experience successfully representing clients in South Florida, and he is here to help you fight for your rights in court.

Experienced & Zealous Fort Lauderdale Criminal Law Advocate

Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer Mark S. Lowry is a former prosecutor who knows what the government needs to prove in order to convict you of a crime. He can ensure that no evidence against you was illegally obtained and keep out any interrogation, search and seizure, or other evidence that violated your constitutional rights. In addition, the office has its own private investigator that conducts an independent investigation of the case to help substantiate your claims.

Another benefit of using the law office of Mark S. Lowry is his personalized attention to your case. Unlike other larger firms that might not give your case the attention that it deserves, Mr. Lowry is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week because he gives his clients direct connection to his personal cell phone and email. He is willing to take your call in the middle of the night and off hours because he understands that not all issues arise during work hours.

Finally, Mr. Lowry's previous criminal defense and civil experience in the law gives him the knowledge and expertise that many other criminal defense lawyers in the Fort Lauderdale area do not possess. He is not afraid to take your case to trial in order to preserve your freedom and rights in the legal system. He will not take a plea deal for his clients simply because it is the simplest solution but will zealously advocate for you with the prosecutor, judge, and other parties involved in your case.


Mr. Lowry's primary focus of his practice is Fort Lauderdale criminal defense, in both state and federal courts. Ranging from crimes starting with DUI and other misdemeanors through all felonies in state court, to conspiracy and homicide in federal court, Mr. Lowry has the experience as both a former prosecutor and experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney to properly litigate your criminal matter. Should the case need a jury trial, Mr. Lowry has over 65 jury trials in his career, and is therefore more than adequately experienced to professionally litigate any case. His level of comfort in front of a jury is highly regarded by his peers and judges alike. If the client is incarcerated, Mr. Lowry will visit him or her often, knowing that the client has many questions and needs personal attention from their attorney. To request that Mr. Lowry visit a new client, please fill out the online submission on every page of this website and Mr. Lowry will be emailed immediately.

  • Client O.B. was being investigated by federal prosecutors for Conspiracy to commit Mortgage Fraud, and was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury against her potential co-defendants. Mr. Lowry successfully persuaded prosecutors to cancel her GJ testimony due to her, through the advice of Mr. Lowry, taking the 5th Amendment and refusing to answer questions that may incriminate her.
  • Client M.G. was charged with aggravated DUI with a blood alcohol level (BAL) above .20. At trial Mr. Lowry successfully showed the jury that the breath sample was taken over an hour after the Client’s arrest. As the DUI statute states it is illegal to have a BAL above .08 at the time of driving, the state had not met their burden, prompting the jury to return a not guilty verdict in 8 minutes.
  • Client C.G. was on probation for Grand Theft in the 1st Degree and violated, facing 30 years Florida state prison. Mr. Lowry successfully argued to the Court that by incarcerating his Client for this violation, the Court would be victimizing his young children whom depended on the Client’s income. The Client was placed back on probation with new conditions.

Attorney Mark S. Lowry is a former prosecutor with over a decade of legal experience, who is available 24 hours a day and will aggressively fight for your defense. Watch this video for a brief introduction to Mark Lowry at Lowry Legal, and call 954-848-2824 for immediate assistance. CONTACT US


Should your case not end as anticipated, Mr. Lowry is an experienced Fort Lauderdale appellate practitioner and can discuss with you the different options in moving forward. Examples of appeals are judicial error, where the judge makes an improper ruling, prosecutorial error, where the prosecutor makes an improper statement before the jury, thereby tainting their perception of the accused, and juror misconduct, where a juror may improperly read about the case in the media and form his or her own opinions about a party before deliberations. After a final judgment or verdict is rendered, the clock starts ticking on when you can file your notice to appeal, often times within 30 days, so be sure to contact Mr. Lowry without delay for a free consultation on your case.


If after exhausting all possible appeals you were unsuccessful in reversing your conviction, Mr. Lowry can explore what’s called post-conviction remedies that could potentially overturn your sentence. Examples of these remedies are ineffective assistance of counsel (3.850), where your trial attorney may have made errors, either during the pretrial or trial stage that greatly affected the outcome of your case, or discovering new evidence (3.800), where new evidence is found after the case is resolved that could have changed the outcome of the case. Even if you did not use Mr. Lowry for the appeal(s), he can sit down with you free of charge to discuss this final option to reverse a conviction. If no appeal was filed or after an appeal is unsuccessful, the clock on this type of litigation starts ticking, so do not delay in contacting Mr. Lowry for a free consultation.


Civil rights litigation, commonly known as police brutality, law enforcement deprivation of rights, or excessive force, often times go hand in hand with an arrest where the officer used excessive force in searching or seizing the arrestee. Another frequent example of a civil rights violation is when an incarcerated defendant or convicted inmate is the victim of excessive force by the corrections staff.

Mr. Lowry is a frequent volunteer with the Southern District's Volunteer Lawyer Program, representing incarcerated, unrepresented plaintiffs in bringing suitagainst the individual officer(s), the department, city or state, as appropriate. Most civil rights litigation takes place in federal court based on statute and United States Code. Once a deprivation of your civil rights takes place, the time to file your complaint, called the statute of limitations, starts, so do not delay in contacting Mr. Lowry for a free consultation on your potential case.

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