What is a Post-Conviction Attorney?

We often think that a conviction and sentence that is given for a crime after a trial is the final word and that there isn’t much hope for relief until the defendant is up for parole. This isn’t always true, because there are post-conviction procedures that can sometimes turn things around, even after a defendant goes to prison or is sentenced to parole. A post-conviction attorney is someone who understands the various legal options that are available to a defendant after conviction and who can challenge the conviction even after an appeal has been lost. The legal staff of the Lowry Legal law firm of Florida is experienced in giving defendants post-conviction relief and will evaluate your case to find out where any errors lie.

Factors That Can Change a Conviction

If your case has been appealed and you’ve lost and are serving your sentence, there are still factors that may be able to change your conviction and offer some relief. If the laws have changed since you were convicted, this may apply to you and your case. There may also be relief if your defense attorney made errors at trial or during the investigation of your case. If new evidence was discovered after your case was tried, this, too, may change the status of the conviction. A skilled post-conviction attorney like the ones at Lowry Legal law firm of Florida can find the factors in the records of your case that may invalidate your conviction and give you back your freedom.

Call to Schedule a Free Legal Consultation with a Post-Conviction Attorney in Florida Today

If you’ve been incarcerated or are on parole for a conviction that was not overturned on appeal, there may still be hope. Call to schedule a free legal consultation with a post-conviction attorney in Florida today to discuss your options. The Lowry Legal law firm of Florida serves the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County areas and are equipped to be your best advocate in your post-conviction case. Call us at (954) 908-6222 and let us investigate for you.

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He took on other legal matters in the midst of it all. No problem. He is FANTASTIC! VERY professional and highly compassionate. He CARES! He is also very respected in his field. We heard nothing but raves about him. Worth every penny we invested in him. If we had to we would do it all over again, definitely using Mark. In our opinion, he is just “The Best of the Best”! Wendy
Attorney Mark Lowry is an exceptional criminal defense lawyer. This is the 2nd time I have Hired Mr. Lowry and he has come through again with his expert knowledge of law and his presentation of facts and legal issues in front of the judge and prosecutors. He is very organized and professional in appearance and workplace. We are very pleased with the way he handled our case from start to finish. Mike
I hired Mark because I was pulled over without a license, no insurance and and expired registration. I did not have any of these due to a past DUI, funds and procrastinating. I was especially nervous about this situation because the arresting officer stated in the police report that I tried to evade them. Joe