Possible Robbery Charge Defenses in Fort Lauderdale

A robbery charge may seem like a difficult charge to mount a defense against. Luckily, there are highly-rated criminal defense attorneys who know which angle to take on any case, including yours. Especially in unfortunate scenarios where authorities are believed to have traces of DNA or any other sort of evidence that may result in your unfair arrest, there are ways to prove your innocence and maintain your freedom.

Because of the forceful nature of committing a robbery as well as the laws specific to the state of Florida, it is most likely a felony charge that you would be mounting a defense against. The following is a look at a portion of these said defenses.

No Way Out of a Robbery Charge

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, it is not always the actual person physically committing the crime that should be held responsible for the crime that has taken place. Sometimes criminals will target law-abiding citizens, so they do not have to put their own life on the line by threatening this victim to commit a crime or else suffer an extreme, or sometimes even fatal, consequence.

The evidence provided must be sufficient enough to prove that there was absolutely no opportunity to evade the situation without risking their own or anyone else’s livelihood or well-being. Also, considering there should be no credible evidence to show any motive of intent for you to commit any such robbery, showing this in detail should also help you in your defense efforts.

Impossible Circumstances in Robbery Charge Defense

Unlike some other methods of defense, providing substantial evidence in a Florida court of law for impossible circumstances should be relatively easy. This is especially apparent if you happened to be doing something different during the time in which the actual robbery had taken place. This could include visiting with friends/family who could then, in turn, provide witness testimony to where you had been when the crime was being played out.

Another example of this would be, for example, if you happened to be taking a flight, bus, or had been making any purchase that could then allow you to provide paper trail evidence to the court proving your whereabouts during the crime in question.

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