Florida Theft & Robbery Statutes

Fort Lauderdale Theft & Robbery Attorney

Theft is the taking of another’s property without permission to either permanently or temporarily deprive the owner of it. Petit Theft is a 2nd degree misdemeanor if the value of the alleged stolen item(s) is less than $100, a 1st degree misdemeanor if less than $300 (unless taken from a dwelling, then it becomes a 3rd degree Grand Theft). Grand Theft is a felony, and the degrees as well range based on the value of the property taken. 3rd Degree Grand Theft is when the property is valued at $300-20,000, including vehicles, 2nd degree is $20,000-100,000, and 1st degree is over $100,000. When the theft is of a law enforcement vehicle or other specially designated property is alleged the crimes charged will vary.

Robbery is the theft of property by force, violence, or threat. Robbery without any weapon or firearm is a 2nd degree felony; with a weapon, like a knife, is a 1st degree felony; and with a firearm is a 1st degree felony punishable by up to life in prison. Robbery by sudden snatching is, for example, a purse snatch. If a weapon or firearm is used then, again, the charge is heightened. For Robbery by Sudden Snatching, it is not necessary that the accused used any force or violence, but merely that the property taken was on the person of the alleged victim.

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